Bees In the City: Better Urban Beekeeping

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February 9, 2019 @ 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
Christ Church Deer Park
1570 Yonge Street


Registration begins at 9:30 and the sessions start at 10:00. The day includes several plenary sessions as well as smaller concurrent breakout sessions.

Speakers include members of our collective as well as our professional beekeepers, Dan Douma and Luc Peters, and a special guest, jW Foster, Executive Chef at The Fairmont Royal York Hotel. Chef Foster will lead a session on flavour profiles and cooking with honey.

There will be a choice of concurrent breakout sessions. Some of these sessions will appeal largely to beginners. Others have been designed for more experienced beekeepers. Please see the agenda below for more details.

Morning and afternoon snacks, as well as a delicious lunch with a variety of food choices, are included in your ticket.

You will have a chance to view and buy the wares of a number of vendors of bee equipment and products.

At the end of the day, there will be draws for a number of exciting bee-themed items. You will get a draw ticket as part of your registration, and additional tickets can be purchased. Ticket holders must be in attendance at the draw to win, but you can have a friend hold your tickets if you need to get away early.

Though standard tickets are $50, discounted tickets are available at a cost of $40 for seniors and students. Please contact to register for the student/seniors rate. Also, bursaries are available for those who are interested in beekeeping but cannot afford a ticket. Please contact

Remember to ask about beeyard visits in the spring!

Agenda for February 9, 2019 Bees in the City: Better Urban Beekeeping

  • 9:30 Registration
  • 10:00 Introduction and welcome
  • 10:10 Interactive session: What makes a good beekeeper? Understand the tasks of the beekeeper’s year, sharing how beekeepers manage and what the bees need
  • 10:30 Split session:
    A: Bee life cycle and bees’ roles in the hive
    B: The hive as super-intelligence; the art of rearing queens
  • 11:00 Joint session: Threats to pollinators and our environment: how we can help
  • 11:20 Joint session: Bee communication
  • 11:40 Bee Trivia: get out of your seat and discuss with others
  • 11:55 Introduce vendors
  • 12:00 Lunch and networking
  • 12:45 Split session
    A: Remedies FROM the hive
    B: Remedies FOR the hive (mites, diseases, beetles, etc., and treatments)
  • 1:30 Split session:
    A: Workshop — infusions and lip balms
    B: Swarms and swarm management
  • 2:15 Joint session: Honey colour and flavour origins
  • 3:00 Joint session: Cooking with honey, flavour profiles and related food pairings – courtesy of The Fairmont Royal York Hotel’s Executive Chef jW Foster
  • 4:00 Interactive session: Q&A, what we learned, where we can go from here
  • 4:20 Closing remarks and raffle results

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