Current Status: CLOSED for 2023

Please Check again next winter.

What’s involved in Co-op Membership?

Members join the TBC by paying an annual fee that supports the purchase of tools, materials, equipment, instruction and future hive development. The size of the membership is determined each year based on the number of hives under management. The TBC operates year-round, holding regular hive-work days throughout the honey season. Typically a member of the TBC must volunteer at least 50 hours of time per year to work in the bee yard and in education, and in return receives a share of the honey harvest.

In addition, we hold beekeeping educational sessions for members and meetings throughout the year. We host an annual “An Introduction to Beekeeping” workshop for the general public; it is always very popular. In the off-season, members also experiment with other interests related to beekeeping including mead-making, cream and salve-making, equipment maintenance (including design and construction), alternative hive practices, and advancing the cause of honeybees.

How do I become a member of the Toronto Beekeepers Co-operative?

You need to be prepared to commit to at least 50 hours of work for the co-op each year, including:

  • beeyard work (25 hours);
  • equipment building and maintenance;
  • education;
  • honey harvesting;
  • participating in the day-to-day running of the the co-op; and
  • attending meetings – a minimum of six monthly meetings over the course of the year.


TBC has a limited number of membership spots. This is necessary for maintaining a thriving organization. Each year, the number of open available spots depends on the number of vacant seats that are made available. During our recruitment phase, we obtain many applications from many great candidates, making the selection process very difficult. As such, we employ a rigorous process for bringing in new members. While acceptance may not occur in the year you may apply, we encourage applicants to try again for the following season.

Nota bene: Applying into the Co-op does not guaranteed a position, due to the high demand for spots and low availability of openings. Repeated applications over several seasons also does not guarantee entrance. If you require more information on entrance requirements, or would like more information on membership, please feel free to contact us at

Thank you for your interest!

We accept applications year round, and evaluate them in March. of each year.  We accept new members once a year, by early April.  Please see the application form for our annual cut off date.

If you meet our criteria (primarily based on availability and flexibility, though some preference given to those who attend our TBC Urban Beekeeping 101 Day or to Toronto Botanical Garden’s Beekeeping program), we will contact you in February  to invite you to an overview meeting.  We make our final decisions by early March.  If needed, we may invite new members in June.  Stay tuned!

Toronto Beekeepers Collective encourages applicants from all equity seeking groups! We embrace diversity and foster an inclusive environment, so as to attract, develop, and retain members of diverse backgrounds. We believe that this will make our group stronger by offering various experiences and perspectives, allowing us a greater breadth of reach and voices to our interests.